The company was founded in January 1974 by Messieurs Heinrich Herzig, Peter Prinz and Rainer Wenneker in a two-room-flat in Bremen-Neustadt. In the first years the company was handling exclusively transports to and from Italy. They handled transports of common merchandise in part load and full load areas. Very soon the service was extended to the part-loads traffic to all important destinations in Italy. One year later the foundation of a branch in Cocorezzo, Italy happened.  Along with the new branch eight employees were engaged at this time. Two years later another branch in Hamburg was opened because of the constantly increasing business volume. Besides the Italy business relations to the other European countries were continuously established, also a regular traffic to the Far East. After the revolution in 1975 in Portugal Terratrans was one of the first forwarders who focussed on Portugal and implemented own branches.

At the headquater location in Bremen the the origin premises became too small already in the third year after the foundation. New rooms gave space which sufficed only for one year as the staff increased from 22 employees to 35. In 1978 the management decided to rehire new premises at “Flughafendamm”. Now the company had 300 square meters storage area in addition. Already at this time they offered 80 trucks weekly for international transports.

With the startup of the new warehouse the first own 7,5 toner was procured. The branch in Hamburg developed also consistently positive so that soon a new branch with a larger warehouse was necessary. Suitable premises were found in the Berzeliusstraße.

After the number of employees increased by now to 35 people, Terratrans achieved in 1987 the first “long-haul truck concession”. Now Terratrans established their own truck fleet.  The vehicle fleet was constantly developed and consists today of 28 tractors and over 200 trailers, container chassis and swap trailers.

The responsable persons at Terratrans soon identified that the road traffic would not cope with the expected rate of growth. Terratrans decided to invest into the combined traffic (rail/road). Today we are one of the biggest users of combined traffic.

To bear the constant growth, Terratrans started with the apprenticeship of logistics staff. Until today 75 young people have successful bypassed their apprenticeship at the Chamber of Commerce. Because of the expansion of the airport Bremen it became obvious that the location would not allow a further enlargement. The management now decided to relocate again. They bought a new area at the freight village, short form: GVZ.  Here they acquired an area of 10,000 square meters. In 1989 the whole complex with 700 square meters office area, 3000 square meters warehouse area as well as a rail connection was inaugurated officially. In the meantime the number of employees increased to over 70 and the transports were expanded to nearly all European countries. As desired by many of the clients, the operations were expanded on sea freight sector, too.

Due to the further expansion of Terratrans, the new office and warehouse area became soon too small. With the acquisition of a new area of 18,000 square meters, Terratrans has now enough room for further possible expansions in the future.

At the area of Ludwig-Erhard-Str.40 emerged in 1994 a logistics center with 6,500 square meters warehouse area and another 350 sqare meters office area.

The client base of Terratrans comprises industrial and commercial enterprises, Im-and Export companies, as well as various DIY-superstores.

In 1997 Terratrans received the exclusive agency in Germany for the Far East Cargo Line. Thus Terratrans disposes of a logistics network in Europe and Asia. Today, more than 10,000 containers will be handled via this network per year.

On the transportation sector Terratrans is among the market leaders in Northern Germany. On the 1st of January 2009 the management could retrospect with more than 200 employees onto 35 years of Terratrans.